Complement Your New Pool By Upgrading The Space Around It

Your pool is more than just a hole filled with cement and water. It is about the atmosphere that your pool brings for you. When you think of paradise, what do you see? Flowers, water features, lighting, fireplaces? Gunite Pools wants to bring paradise to your back yard.

Water Features

One of my favorite sounds is the constant movement of water, something about it just completely relaxes me. After a long day of work, school, or family you might find it very hard to have time to relax. That is why it is very important to create a relaxing environment to combat the effects of everyday tension on your mind, body, and soul. Water is the most nurturing of all the elements, do not take it for granted. By installing a few water elements you can make a tranquil get away to calm your nerves at the end of the day.


During the summer, sometimes the only time you can get outside and go relax at your pool is during the nighttime. Enhancing your landscape with lighting not only makes your backyard a safer environment, it adds a beautiful scenic affect.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Backyard fireplaces add warmth and a cozy atmosphere to your outdoor experience and can extend the hours of light in your back yard. You can sit in your favorite chair and watch the fire which you relax pool side.

Gunite Pools

There are so many things you can add to your outdoor pool to make it original and beautiful. We know that you have special wants and request. Give us a call today for any questions you might have concerning your pool.

Preparing Your Pool For Winter

Gunite Pools wants to make sure your pool stays protected from the winter freezing, and to keep it as clean as possible. If you know how to close your pool properly, it will save you a lot of work for when you open your pool up for the next summer. Here are some tips for you so that you can keep your pool in perfect condition.

First Step in getting your pool ready for winter

Make sure your water chemistry is balanced. You should make sure that your pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness are all balanced. By balancing your water chemistry you are protecting the surface of the pool from staining and etching.

Lower Water

The next step is to lower the water below the mouth of your skimmer(s). This will get the water out of the throat of the skimmer, which can be easily damaged if water were to freeze there.

Blow Out The Water in Plumbing Lines

Blow out ALL the water is the plumbing lines. You can do this using a shop vac. Use the discharge of the shop vac to blow water out of each line from the filter system.

Cover Your Pool

You should cover your pool to keep out the debris. The type of cover you use will depend upon several factors.

Final Step

You must drain ALL the water from the filter system. Make sure to open the air relief valve on top, if you have one. Drain the pump, there may be two plugs to remove. You need to let all the chemicals run out of your feeder so there are no more chemicals left, then you can drain your chemical feeder.

It is a good idea to take the pressure gauge inside for the winter because water collects in its tube which can freeze and cause breakage.

Gunite Pools Wants You To Be Ready!

Gunite Pools wants to make sure that you have the best experience with your pool, and to be able to use it for a very long time with little to no damage. Protecting your pool from winter will help your pool last and stay damage free. Call us today with any questions you might have.

Great Ideas For Your Home In-Ground Spa

In-Ground Spas for your Tulsa HomeIf you are thinking of getting a custom in-ground spa for your Tulsa home there are many reasons that likely come to your mind; relaxation, sexy environment, entertaining, etc. It can be just what you need after a long day at work and it complements your backyard. You have several options to make it your own including jets, seats, lighting, sound systems, water features and benches. However, before you jump right into creating your custom home in-ground spa there are a few more things to consider that will have an impact on how efficient and safe your spa is.

Smart Spa Pumps

If you already have a pool or researched pools recently you’ll likely remember the smart pumps they feature now. These pumps are designed with safety and energy-saving in mind. With this pump you won’t need to worry about entrapments because the safety feature will notify you when there is any blockage in the drain, automatically shutting off within seconds. Older pumps use a lot more energy and don’t come with any features; simply an on/off option. The newer pumps allow variable speeds so you can save even more every time you use it. If you already have a pool with a traditional pump and plan to use a smart pump on your spa, it’s recommended that you upgrade your pool pump also. But this is just the start of what you can have in your new in-ground home spa.

Digital Remote Control

That’s right; you have the ability to control your home’s in ground spa from anywhere. Maybe you want to have it ready when you arrive home after work; that’s possible with a digital remote control. No longer do you have to come home and wait for it to heat up before you can enjoy it.

Interchanging Jet Heads

We meant it when we said ‘custom’ in-ground spa. You can fully customize the spa to your liking, even when it comes to the jet heads. Interchanging jet heads allow you to control the pressure, motion and speed at any given time. Now how is that for making the most of your home spa?

Safety First

If you have a pool you already have a pool grate in place, but is it up to the latest code? If so, it will reduce the risk of any hair or mechanical entrapments. This is highly important for spa and pool safety. Your grate should be designed to handle the flow rate of your pump. If your pool’s grate is older, we suggest having it inspected so that you can be sure safety won’t be an immediate or future issue.

Automatic Covers for Your Custom Spa

Many in-ground spa owners prefer to have an automatic cover as it’s easy to use and ensures a good tight seal, no matter the space constraints you may be dealing with. In addition, your custom spa can have an automatic cover designed to fit it perfectly so there’s no second-guessing. While covers are beneficial to keep out unwanted debris while not in use, covering it when not in use will also help cut heating costs because it will stay warmer longer.

Are you ready to build the best in-ground spa for your home? Gunite Pools of Tulsa is the best in the business. We can help you make your in ground spa everything you want it to be. It is time for you to have a haven at home that you can truly relax in and enjoy yourself. Contact us today to learn more!

Five Upgrades That Will Make Your Oklahoma Pool Even Better!

Tulsa-Pool-UpgradesCome summer time most of us automatically think about swimming and pools. After all, that’s one of the perks to warm Tulsa sunshine every day. However, whether your pool is new or older, having a comfortable deck around the pool can make for even better summer memories with family and friends. This is where everyone gets together but decks often lack any shade, seating or structure, which can negatively affect your pool experience.

It’s time to create the wonderful, beautiful oasis that you and your family deserve. Get the most out of your pool deck by allowing us to help you. We have provided some suggestions for upgrading your Tulsa pool deck so you can take your outdoor fun to the next level!


Shade is always welcome to anyone spending a lot of time outdoors at one given time; such as when having a pool party. Most of us think that shade isn’t necessary on our deck or that a few umbrellas will provide enough shade to enjoy pool time. Unfortunately, neither of these are ideal options. No shade will mean higher risk of getting sunburned and also shorten the time you can spend enjoying your pool. Umbrellas might be a brief solution but if you experience any strong wind you risk them being blown away; like the wind we have here in Tulsa! Opting for a larger, covered area where guests can sit and visit out of the sun will make everyone’s time more enjoyable.


Adding some greenery to your pool deck offers two benefits; a source of shade and a ‘natural’ look. Depending on the types of greenery you use it’s possible to create a more ‘lagoon-style’ environment and who wouldn’t enjoy that in their own backyard? In addition, you’ll be able to implement colors that enhance the pool’s beauty. Among the most popular choices are:

  • Azaleas
  • Cherry Trees
  • Crape Myrtle Trees
  • Dogwood Trees
  • Hydrangeas
  • Plum Trees
  • Redbud Trees

Wall or Barrier

Adding a backdrop or barrier of sorts to your pool deck can actually make it more inviting and secluded so you have ultimate privacy. Tall trees work best for this and you can choose how to do it; one wall, multiple walls or an almost complete enclosure for your pool.

Warm Fire

Many pool owners enjoy swimming at night and what’s more relaxing than a swim, followed by a nice warm fire to help you dry off? A fire pit can add this convenience as well as increase the fun of your get-togethers.

Outdoor Cooking

If you entertain often you would likely benefit the most from adding a kitchen upgrade to your outdoor pool deck. There are many options for adding a space that allows you to cook and serve food while ensuring you don’t miss out on the fun; it’s also less hassle because you aren’t going in and out of your home.

All of these options are fantastic ways to upgrade your pool. At Gunite Pools of Tulsa we can help you with any upgrades you may have in mind. Or you may be saying, “I want all these but I need a pool first.” No problem! Gunite Pools of Tulsa can build you a pool in whatever shape or size you want. Contact us today for more information!

Pool Maintenance Tips

How to take care of and maintain your pool.It’s common for us to dream of the warm, sunny days when we’re dealing with the cold, yucky days. Part of this daydream could have included a pool; crisp, clear water just waiting to cool you off in the summer sun. This is something almost everyone enjoys about the warmer months, even if they don’t own a pool. If you do own a pool, however, then you may not exactly see it as the luxury that it is. How so? Because you’re the one who has to maintain it each year and sometimes this is a little frustrating. Luckily, depending on the type of pool you have, you can follow some basic steps to keep it in useable condition.


Before you can use the pool you have to prepare it. This is the part that many don’t enjoy doing. The best time to start is once it begins to get warmer and the cooler days seem to be over. First you need to have all the chemicals and supplies that will be needed for and after you fill the pool. The filter and pump should be assembled and ready to go with a leak inspection made every season. Basic maintenance includes getting rid of any debris, vacuuming it regularly and frequently testing the chemicals to keep it properly balanced. If this sounds like too much work or you aren’t familiar with doing it, there are some pool companies that provide services for opening a pool.

Clearing Any Debris

It’s common for bugs and leaves to accumulate in the pool but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable clearing the debris from the pool. In addition to being unappealing, it increases the risk of more serious issues occurring such as algae or issues with the circulation. Unfortunately the debris doesn’t always float atop the water, which would make it a lot easier to clean if it did. To clear the debris away use a long handled net and lightly run it across the surface, collecting the debris. Your skimmer and pump baskets should be cleaned out weekly; use a garden hose to get any stuck or stubborn debris out. To further prevent hassling with debris keep any trees or bushes near your pool neatly trimmed and keep a pool cover on it when not in use.

Cleaning the Pool’s Interior

In addition to eradicating any debris in the water, the pool’s floor and walls need attention as well. You can do this with either an automatic cleaner or a manual vacuum. Either way, every couple weeks you need to brush and/or scrub the interior to keep buildup from accumulating. This will be easier if you use the proper tools for your pool size and type. This type of pool maintenance will be much easier if you do it regularly.

Keep an Ideal Chemical Balance

The ideal chemical balance of your pool is very important if you want to have clean, clear water instead of unsanitary, algae-filled water. Testing your water weekly is often recommended; test the alkalinity, chlorine levels and the pH balance. You can purchase kits in the store to do this as well as all the chemicals you might need. Keeping it clean and properly balanced will prevent algae and other frustrating issues.

When to Use the Pump

Your pump doesn’t have to be constantly going necessarily. It really depends on the heat and how often you use the pool. Running it at least 8 hours a day should keep the balance of chemicals.

Keep the Filter Clean

The filter for your pool is a crucial component and needs to be cleaned regularly. The type of filter your pool requires will determine the difficulty of this task and how often you need to do it. As an example, a sand filter might require the system to be backwashed several times a month. Knowing when you should check it is also important and a requirement for anyone wanting to maintain their pool so they can use it each year. The manual that comes with your pool should tell you how this process works.

Keep the Proper Water Level

Water evaporates so it’s no surprise to see your pool looking slightly lower than when you first opened it. It’s important that the water level is sufficient for the skimmers to properly filter it unless you have an automatic water supply in place. However, should you need to add water at any time (which you can easily do with a water hose) you will need to re-balance the chemicals afterwards.

Winterize Your Pool Each Year

When you aren’t using your pool come the cold weather season it’s important that you winterize it to avoid issues or damage the next time you want to use it.


All of this information may sound a little overwhelming at first but if you don’t have the time to maintain your pool, consider letting the professionals do it for you. An upside to using a professional service is that they can notify you of any other existing issues that you might not be aware of and offer flexible scheduling so you can have them out as often as you like.

Or perhaps you are just looking for a pool that is nicer and easier to maintain. In which case you should contact the experts at Gunite Pools of Tulsa for a quote.


Top Benefits of an In-Ground Pool

Advantages of In-Ground PoolsSwimming pools are amenities that many homeowners prefer when given the option. However, swimming pools have come a long way and you might be surprised at just how beneficial they can be. What better way to spend the summer than having friends and family over for a refreshing swim and finger foods on a hot summer day? If you’re considering getting an in-ground pool for your own home then you should take these advantages into account.

Entertainment – Whether you have kids or enjoy entertaining guests, what better way than with a pool? It easily becomes the center piece for weekend get-togethers and a private sanctuary at night for a date with that special someone.

Convenient – Having your own swimming pool is way more convenient than packing and loading up to go somewhere to swim; especially if you do it on a daily or weekly basis. Forget packing a bunch of bags, coolers and other accessories; simply step outside with a towel and dive into your own sparkling oasis any time you like.

Durable – In-ground pools are more durable and require less maintenance than above-ground pools.

Appealing – In-ground pools are also more aesthetically pleasing than above-ground pools. Take advantage of this by complimenting your pool with the landscaping you desire. Create the perfect environment, be it a tropical paradise or secluded forest pond; the possibilities are endless.

More Options – In-ground pools, you will find, have many more options to choose from than above-ground pools, including the depth, shape and different accents. Depending on what you choose, you might be able to add a diving board, slide or even a waterfall, making your outdoor oasis the envy of your entire neighborhood.

For more information on In-Ground pools and the many fantastic options, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa. We can help you build the pool of your dreams.

Five Design Elements for Creating your Dream In-ground Pool

In-ground pool in Tulsa that features a beach entry.

If you’re dreaming of a lagoon style pool, rather than a traditional pool, you aren’t alone. Lagoon style pools make attractive additions to any Tulsa home and provide an easier way for the homeowner to ‘personalize’ their outdoor oasis. There are a variety of design elements to consider when creating the ideal lagoon style in-ground pool.

The Shape

Traditional in-ground pools are often circular or rectangular. Lagoon style pools can change the way you see in-ground pools. They have dramatic curves throughout its shape, hence the title ‘lagoon or Laguna’ style pool. When finished with your in-ground pool it should mimic that of a lagoon you might see on an island.

The Features

Because you want your Tulsa in-ground pool to have a natural feel and appearance, rock features work as great attractive additions. You might have grottos and rock walls constructed along one side or scattered along the edges of the wall. In addition, natural palms and ferns are a favorite for consumers because they stay within the ‘natural’ feel of their oasis and they’re appealing; especially when used with the rock features.

A Waterfall

What better way to complete your dream Tulsa in-ground pool than adding a waterfall? Waterfalls are a beautiful part of nature and can be built in a variety of ways, to suit your personal preferences. Rocks, grottos and more materials are options for lagoon pool waterfalls. You’ll feel as though you’re living the most luxurious life when relaxing in your lagoon style pool with a waterfall in the backdrop and natural elements all around.

The Color

The color of your in-ground pool will affect the way the water looks in natural light. The pool’s ambiance will change as the color you use changes. However, if you want to achieve a more ‘natural’ appearance consider dark greens and blues. Or, if you prefer the lighter side of pools, choose a lighter shade.

Pool Entry

You’ve likely noticed most in-ground pools have steps that lead into the water, or they only have ladders as a means of entering or exiting. What if you could walk into your pool like you would the ocean? This is a ‘beach’ entry. Instead of stairs you have a natural slope on end of the pool so it seems as though you’re walking into a massive body of water; instead of stepping into a swimming pool. In addition, a beach entry works great for those with limited mobility or who enjoy tanning in the natural sun, comfortably.

Your Tulsa In-Ground Pool Specialists

Whatever dream you have for your Tulsa home’s in-ground pool, our experienced specialists at Gunite Pools of Tulsa are ready to make that dream a reality. Call us today for your free consultation.


Less-Noticeable Trends for In-Ground Spas

in-ground-spa-featuresIt’s no surprise that people consider a custom in-ground spa when they want to add a little something ‘extra’ to their swimming pool and outdoor escape in general. After all, what’s a better way to unwind after a long day, relax those sore muscles, or simply fully enjoy your outdoor oasis at any time of the day? In addition, people enjoy the customized options, allowing them to enjoy the exact spa they desire; colored lighting, water features, sound systems, seats, jets, and even benches are just a few of the most popular options. However, you might not automatically think of the smaller, less-noticeable elements that help create the perfect in-ground spa; pumps, remote controls, safety grates, etc.

Smart Pumps

Pumps aren’t used only on pools. An intelligent pump will combine two essential elements; energy efficiency and safety that benefit both the design and functionality of the pump. The safety feature of a pump will signal when it senses any kind of blockage in the drain and automatically shut off within seconds. This is a very important protection feature so you aren’t left with a mess to deal with; in your pool or custom in-ground spa. Why choose an intelligent pump over the traditional pump? Traditional pumps require a lot more energy; therefore an intelligent pump will save you money consistently, year after year.

Control Your Spa Digitally

If you’ve been enjoying spas for quite some time, you probably remember spa experiences before quality digital technology. Nowadays you can control your spa remotely from wherever you are so it’s ready for you, at just the right temperature. Just imagine driving home and imagining stepping into your nice, warm spa as soon as you get home.

Interchangeable Jet Heads

Many people want a swimming pool that compliments their existing backyard sanctuary, customized exactly to their liking and needs. The majority of your own customization is utilized during the planning and designing stages of installing a new pool or spa. Recent, updated jet technology has gone above and beyond by providing interchangeable, oscillating jet heads. This allows you to control the speed, the pressure, and the motion at any time you feel like ‘changing it up.’

Safety First

Prior technology wasn’t advanced enough and you had to really pay attention to the pool grates and any entrapment of hair or other debris. With the current code-compliant pool grates you have increased safety with their targeted design that reduces the possibility of debris entrapment. Spa safety should be approached with safety in mind first and fore-most. Just how enjoyable is your custom in-ground spa if you’re constantly worried about something happening? Your pool and spa grates should have the ability to handle the flow rate that your specific pump requires. If you currently have a pool or spa it’s advised that you schedule a safety inspection prior to swimming season. This gives you time to replace the necessary or potential hazards in time to enjoy the season and your very own custom in-ground spa.

To get a free consultation for building your new in-ground spa or pool in Tulsa, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa.

Swimming Pools and the Future of LED Lighting

When you think about pool lighting you probably imagine the standard, 500-watt, 12 inch incandescent light bulb. After all, that’s what older pools have. In past times, the only way to light up a large pool or add lighting to an average size pool was to add more bulbs. Lighting was never a significant consideration when it came to installing or designing a pool. However, in recent years the lighting for pools has evolved and now owners consider lighting a higher priority than before.

When you consider the overall design of your pool and backyard oasis, you should automatically think about the lighting. This way you can design the perfect atmosphere and have a lit up pool that you can enjoy any time of the day or night. Greener technology combined with more interest by consumers is most likely the cause for this evolution in pool lighting.

LED Lighting

In previous years incandescent lighting was the main option for pool lighting. Nowadays LED lighting has quickly taken over because customers absolutely love the results they get with LED lighting vs. incandescent lighting. In addition to being more appealing, LED lights only use a fraction of the energy to light up a pool than incandescent lights. The standard, 500-watt incandescent light has lost the battle to 30 watts or less LED lighting; same amount of lighting but with less energy.

Enhanced Appeal

Unlike the yellowish color of light that incandescent bulbs provide, LED lights have a cleaner and clearer blue light. You most likely notice the differences in such lighting when you see the vehicles that have LED headlights. However, the difference LED lights make to a pool is even more noticeable. Water naturally reflects light, which is one reason homeowners should really consider the lighting of their pool, so the effect of LED lights are magnified when used in a pool. Your water itself will appear more blue, bright and clean when you use LED lights versus incandescent lighting.

Maybe you don’t want just blue LED lights in your pool. That’s okay too. You have up to five different solid colors and can even choose to have the lights change colors quickly or slowly if you like. A timer is used to make this happen and can be a big hit for those who entertain often. You can change the lighting to match the desired environment you choose while entertaining guests.

Above all else, LED lights range in size from as small as 2” diameter and the fixtures can range up to 12” diameters. Most of the time our own clients opt for several, smaller lights as opposed to of a few, larger lights. This is one of the benefits to choosing LED lighting.

LED lighting can be used for more than just lighting up your swimming pool. You can have them installed to lighten staircases, decks, retaining walls, service counters and walkways. We advise using LED lighting for the remainder of your lighting needs to further enhance the ambiance you desire. Especially for lighting walkways to enable guests to safely maneuver to and from your pool during the evenings while entertaining.

Call Gunite Pools of Tulsa for your new pool consultation and quote!

4 Tips in Designing Your New Pool

Gunite-Pool-Design-Tulsa-OKA house in the Tulsa area that has a swimming pool adds value and aesthetic feelings. Design and material is an essential element to any structure, and a bit more interesting when it is designing a pool for a client’s needs and tastes. Align a pool to building a home which requires engineering expertise as well as functionality, safety with aesthetic appeal resulting in a delicate balancing act of science and art form. Our clients can have any type of pool they envision within their budget, our team of experts function is to make this happen. At Gunite Pools of Tulsa we take standard approaches in the planning stages of design to ensure we capture your wishes.

We take a look at the “Lay of Land” as our first step before addressing your new pool shape. There may certain property restrictions that could hinder your project because every municipality has some form of restriction. These can include setbacks from natural wells, septic systems, setback lines, coverage and environmental issues. When this stage is done we map out the pertinent restrictions on your property and see how these considerations can be met. With all restrictions and resolutions planned out and the usable area of property identified for your swimming pool we then move our focus to that particular space.

The next approach to our design process is uncovering what goal(s) you are looking to achieve you’re your pool. We are able to start forming a design once we understand your intention/goals your pool will serve. To accomplish this we ask you pointed questions such as the following:

  • Are you wanting to keep kids at home more by creating a pool?
  • Do you see your pool as a way to escape daily work or other stress?
  • Is your pool going to be for family fun and entertainment or more as an eye-catching piece of art?
  • Do you intend to use your pool as a form of fitness or exercise?
  • Do you want to be able to swim laps in particular?
  • Why do you want a pool?

With the data we attain we are able to begin narrowing down or start the shaping phase of your vision. Your vision becomes your visual expectation that we need to understand for the bet results. We begin to determine what shape/style can accommodate the reasons why you want a swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, consideration in every aspect needs to be given regarding your existing property lay out, landscape, and architectural elements and municipality restrictions. Using a combination of all the data we have gathered we advise our clients to let their creativity run without over-doing it. Create a well-designed component in the designated space integrating all elements with simplicity. Logic, functionality and integration of your property and home using the pool need to be heeded as well. Consider line defining shapes if your house size dominates most of the property area. Consider a free form shape if you have enough land, rocks and hillside to create a waterfall or overflow effect. Integrating existing structures, plants and your lifestyle creates its’ own ambiance around your swimming pool.

The last phase of our design strategy is getting to know what you want on the interior of your pool, just as you would in decorating your home’s interior. Thanks to modern technology options in lighting, texture, structure, accompanying equipment and mechanics are endless. To narrow this down we will probe your thoughts, wishes and envision when using your pool. This brings us back to more inquiring questions such as the following:

  • Entry point to pool – beach entry or extended sun shelf which will depend on use by young children so they would have shallow end space for safe water play.
  • Entertainment poolside – customized LED lighting will add that wow effect to your pool at night.
  • Enormous periods of time in water by family for fun – Eco friendly sanitizing systems and salt generators are good features to have for more comfortable swimming.

Using all information provided by our clients and data gathered our design consultants will seek your input on any other special features you may want us to integrate in. This involves looking over the surrounding space around your pool. To finalize the entire design more questions will be asked of you so we are sure to capture all facets of your vision. Some questions that will help us determine this may be as follows:

  • Do you want a deck space for sunbathing or lounging around the pool?
  • If you want a deck space, does it affect the way you utilize it currently and will that create another land space issue?
  • Will retaining walls or stone walk ways be required to accommodate your complete design?
  • Many of our customers are installing outdoor dining areas and putting in barbecues, fireplaces, and bars for having guests over and late-season use.
  • Have you considered space for a fire pit, grill, outdoor kitchen, service bar, outdoor shower or other amenity you may want now or to add later?

We always suggest that clients also clip out pictures of design concepts they like as well as think about the data we will ask you for. This will enhance or efforts in creating an exclusively focused design for your swimming pool. The more data the better, as it will remove the guesswork in delivering a product with exceptional satisfaction.

For a free pool consultation and quote, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa, and let us show you the new standard of Tulsa pools!