Pool Maintenance Tips

How to take care of and maintain your pool.It’s common for us to dream of the warm, sunny days when we’re dealing with the cold, yucky days. Part of this daydream could have included a pool; crisp, clear water just waiting to cool you off in the summer sun. This is something almost everyone enjoys about the warmer months, even if they don’t own a pool. If you do own a pool, however, then you may not exactly see it as the luxury that it is. How so? Because you’re the one who has to maintain it each year and sometimes this is a little frustrating. Luckily, depending on the type of pool you have, you can follow some basic steps to keep it in useable condition.


Before you can use the pool you have to prepare it. This is the part that many don’t enjoy doing. The best time to start is once it begins to get warmer and the cooler days seem to be over. First you need to have all the chemicals and supplies that will be needed for and after you fill the pool. The filter and pump should be assembled and ready to go with a leak inspection made every season. Basic maintenance includes getting rid of any debris, vacuuming it regularly and frequently testing the chemicals to keep it properly balanced. If this sounds like too much work or you aren’t familiar with doing it, there are some pool companies that provide services for opening a pool.

Clearing Any Debris

It’s common for bugs and leaves to accumulate in the pool but it doesn’t make it any more enjoyable clearing the debris from the pool. In addition to being unappealing, it increases the risk of more serious issues occurring such as algae or issues with the circulation. Unfortunately the debris doesn’t always float atop the water, which would make it a lot easier to clean if it did. To clear the debris away use a long handled net and lightly run it across the surface, collecting the debris. Your skimmer and pump baskets should be cleaned out weekly; use a garden hose to get any stuck or stubborn debris out. To further prevent hassling with debris keep any trees or bushes near your pool neatly trimmed and keep a pool cover on it when not in use.

Cleaning the Pool’s Interior

In addition to eradicating any debris in the water, the pool’s floor and walls need attention as well. You can do this with either an automatic cleaner or a manual vacuum. Either way, every couple weeks you need to brush and/or scrub the interior to keep buildup from accumulating. This will be easier if you use the proper tools for your pool size and type. This type of pool maintenance will be much easier if you do it regularly.

Keep an Ideal Chemical Balance

The ideal chemical balance of your pool is very important if you want to have clean, clear water instead of unsanitary, algae-filled water. Testing your water weekly is often recommended; test the alkalinity, chlorine levels and the pH balance. You can purchase kits in the store to do this as well as all the chemicals you might need. Keeping it clean and properly balanced will prevent algae and other frustrating issues.

When to Use the Pump

Your pump doesn’t have to be constantly going necessarily. It really depends on the heat and how often you use the pool. Running it at least 8 hours a day should keep the balance of chemicals.

Keep the Filter Clean

The filter for your pool is a crucial component and needs to be cleaned regularly. The type of filter your pool requires will determine the difficulty of this task and how often you need to do it. As an example, a sand filter might require the system to be backwashed several times a month. Knowing when you should check it is also important and a requirement for anyone wanting to maintain their pool so they can use it each year. The manual that comes with your pool should tell you how this process works.

Keep the Proper Water Level

Water evaporates so it’s no surprise to see your pool looking slightly lower than when you first opened it. It’s important that the water level is sufficient for the skimmers to properly filter it unless you have an automatic water supply in place. However, should you need to add water at any time (which you can easily do with a water hose) you will need to re-balance the chemicals afterwards.

Winterize Your Pool Each Year

When you aren’t using your pool come the cold weather season it’s important that you winterize it to avoid issues or damage the next time you want to use it.


All of this information may sound a little overwhelming at first but if you don’t have the time to maintain your pool, consider letting the professionals do it for you. An upside to using a professional service is that they can notify you of any other existing issues that you might not be aware of and offer flexible scheduling so you can have them out as often as you like.

Or perhaps you are just looking for a pool that is nicer and easier to maintain. In which case you should contact the experts at Gunite Pools of Tulsa for a quote.