How to Properly Clean Your Pool

Properly Cleaning A PoolIt is now springtime! This means that you are getting closer to deciding the date to open your pool. Maybe this is your first year with a new pool and you do not know how to properly clean and take care of it. Here are 3 areas of the pool you need to make sure to clean very often.

Brush the Walls

For proper pool maintenance, it is recommended that you brush the walls and floor of the pool once a week. Pay particular attention to any areas that have poor water circulation.

Leaf Net

Use a leaf net to pull out leaves and debris. The lead net is useful for skimming the surface of the water to catch insects as well. You can also use your lead net to scoop up toys and other things your kids might have left or lost in the pool.

Proper Chemicals

Your swimming pool needs to maintain the proper chemical levels. It is very important to test your water regularly for to key factors: pH and sanitizers. By testing your water at least 3 times per week, you will begin to understand how bather load, rain, and chemical application will affect the pool.

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