Great Ideas For Your Home In-Ground Spa

In-Ground Spas for your Tulsa HomeIf you are thinking of getting a custom in-ground spa for your Tulsa home there are many reasons that likely come to your mind; relaxation, sexy environment, entertaining, etc. It can be just what you need after a long day at work and it complements your backyard. You have several options to make it your own including jets, seats, lighting, sound systems, water features and benches. However, before you jump right into creating your custom home in-ground spa there are a few more things to consider that will have an impact on how efficient and safe your spa is.

Smart Spa Pumps

If you already have a pool or researched pools recently you’ll likely remember the smart pumps they feature now. These pumps are designed with safety and energy-saving in mind. With this pump you won’t need to worry about entrapments because the safety feature will notify you when there is any blockage in the drain, automatically shutting off within seconds. Older pumps use a lot more energy and don’t come with any features; simply an on/off option. The newer pumps allow variable speeds so you can save even more every time you use it. If you already have a pool with a traditional pump and plan to use a smart pump on your spa, it’s recommended that you upgrade your pool pump also. But this is just the start of what you can have in your new in-ground home spa.

Digital Remote Control

That’s right; you have the ability to control your home’s in ground spa from anywhere. Maybe you want to have it ready when you arrive home after work; that’s possible with a digital remote control. No longer do you have to come home and wait for it to heat up before you can enjoy it.

Interchanging Jet Heads

We meant it when we said ‘custom’ in-ground spa. You can fully customize the spa to your liking, even when it comes to the jet heads. Interchanging jet heads allow you to control the pressure, motion and speed at any given time. Now how is that for making the most of your home spa?

Safety First

If you have a pool you already have a pool grate in place, but is it up to the latest code? If so, it will reduce the risk of any hair or mechanical entrapments. This is highly important for spa and pool safety. Your grate should be designed to handle the flow rate of your pump. If your pool’s grate is older, we suggest having it inspected so that you can be sure safety won’t be an immediate or future issue.

Automatic Covers for Your Custom Spa

Many in-ground spa owners prefer to have an automatic cover as it’s easy to use and ensures a good tight seal, no matter the space constraints you may be dealing with. In addition, your custom spa can have an automatic cover designed to fit it perfectly so there’s no second-guessing. While covers are beneficial to keep out unwanted debris while not in use, covering it when not in use will also help cut heating costs because it will stay warmer longer.

Are you ready to build the best in-ground spa for your home? Gunite Pools of Tulsa is the best in the business. We can help you make your in ground spa everything you want it to be. It is time for you to have a haven at home that you can truly relax in and enjoy yourself. Contact us today to learn more!