Fun Swimming Pool Games

Fun Swimming Pool GamesYour pool provides so many fun activities for you and your family! It is a great place to come out and get a nice suntan, relax, enjoy the refreshing water, but most importantly you get to play awesome games with you kids and friends! Here are 3 classic games you can play with any age and make your pool time more enjoyable.

Marco Polo

To play Marco Polo, you need at least two people, but it’s better with a small crowd. One person is designated to be “Marco.” That person must close his eyes and try to tag the rest of the people in the pool. To locate the other people, he uses a primitive form of sonar, yelling out “Marco!” to which everyone else must respond, “Polo!” Using the direction of the voices as a guide, the blind Marco lunges after his Polos. The first person to be tagged is the new Marco.

Chicken Fight

A chicken fight in the pool is like double-decker wrestling. There are two teams consisting of two people each. Each team has a “bottom” and a “top.” The “top” climbs onto the “bottom’s” shoulders. The two “top” people are the only ones who actively fight. The object is to knock your opponent into the water, either by toppling just the “top” or both “top” and “bottom” together.

Sharks and Minnows

In its most basic form, sharks and minnows is a game of water tag. The game starts with one shark and several minnows. The shark lurks in one end (or the middle) of the pool. The minnows stand at the other end. When the shark yells “Minnows in!” or a similar phrase, the minnows jump or dive into the pool and try to swim to the other side without getting tagged by the shark. Every minnow the shark tags joins the shark’s team and helps to tag other minnows. The last minnow becomes the first shark in the next round.

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