A Dream Come True: Design And Build Your Pool Today

Have you ever dreamed of owning a new in-ground pool? Now you can.

Pools provide a much-deserved respite; a private place to call your own.

Enjoying your very own pool has always been an integral part of the American dream: and now that dream can be all yours.

By choosing the right experts to help you to achieve this dream, deciding to build an in-ground pool will both improve and enhance your home for many years to come.

Designing and building a new pool is now within your reach.

Design Your Pool: Your Dream Takes Shape

There are many aspects to take into account when designing an in-ground pool.

From petit, luxury pools to full-sized swimming pools, Decoist is a wonderful and trusted source of inspirational ideas for pools that will not only add elegance and excitement to your property, a new pool will also add to your property’s overall value.

With your creativity, you will be able to design a pool that you and your family will enjoy for many seasons to come.

Gunite pools come in almost any shape or size configuration, unlike vinyl or fiberglass pools. Gunite is the best construction option to consider when designing a new pool.
Gunite provides proven strength by using a combination of cement and sand sprayed over a durable framework of assembled rebar.

Many helpful sources exist to aid in planning your pool. For example, Home Guides highlights important points that range from the excavation of your yard’s soil to the primary steps involved in the construction of your new pool. Closely review regional building standards when designing and building an in-ground pool.

Pay attention to vital elements of pool construction such as soil content, building materials, and safety regulations.

Assessing all details that go into designing and building a pool will guarantee that the outcome of your project will fulfill your family’s every need, the yearning for a relaxing, cool spot for those hot, Tulsa days ahead.

Build Your Pool: Your Dream Comes To Life

When planning to install any sort of pool, keep in mind the many variables that go into its design and construction.

This includes the type of pool constructed, the shape and size, the pool’s circulation system, any possible accessories you may wish to include, and even the region where you plan to build your pool.

HowStuffWorks suggests that gunite is the most popular material in pool design and construction for much of the United States. This is easy to see when you consider all the versatile options currently available, the wide-ranging shapes and sizes of gunite pools being far more varied and customizable than with other material.

Pools have zoning ordinances governing their construction similar to other home-improvement projects you might plan on your property.

Home and technology experts Popular Mechanics remind anyone considering building a pool to look into all city and county zoning laws in regards to building an in-ground pool.

The Finished Product: Your Pool, Your Family, And You

Building an in-ground pool based on a design that meets your family’s needs promises to provide a pool that’s a perfect fit for your property. An oasis of relaxation and fun, your new pool will be a hit with your family and friends all summer long.

If you are looking for a new in-ground pool installation, Gunite Pools of Tulsa has the experience, competitive pricing, and proven customer service.

Locally owned and operated, Gunite Pools of Tulsa is the pool company to choose for all your residential and commercial pool needs. Call us today!

Steeped in Style: How to Design a Backyard Pool That is Functionally Stylish

The “perfect home” home might look different for everyone, but everyone would love to have a pool. The backyard swimming pool has long been a symbol of status and comfort, making your home the destination for friends and family. Backyard swimming pools are an excellent means of exercise, as well as a gathering place for social events.

For many homeowners, the dream of installing a pool can be somewhat vague. You know you want a place to relax and have fun, but have you defined your necessities? Is a waterfall oasis part of your dream? Do you need an attached hot tub for relaxation? Will there be enough room to swim laps? Carefully considering your requirements is one of the most important elements of pool installation, and should be done before construction begins.

If you believe a backyard pool is in your future, it may be time to assess the details. Read on to learn more about pool design, amenities, and maintenance requirements. Before you call any construction company, you should have a fairly good idea of your pool basics.

Pool Design

Steeped in Style: How to Design a Backyard Pool That is Functionally Stylish Before you can determine your pool materials, you need to get an idea of what pool design suits the needs of your family. For example, do you have children or grandchildren who will be utilizing the pool? Does there need to be a shallow end and safety precautions for the deep end? Is there space for kids to jump in safely?

If you and your significant other are child-free and looking for a place to relax, your pool design might be entirely different. You may not need a deep end on your pool, because no one will be jumping in. You may prefer a pool that provides function over form, with room for swimming laps. Additionally, you may prefer a pool that’s smaller and with a more unique aesthetic design, so you can relax and float in the water.

The size and shape of your pool is dictated by the amount of space you have and your personal requirements. Some families choose to forgo the back lawn altogether, and simply designate the space for housing a larger pool. Other families may still want plenty of green space, with a small pool for cooling off when necessary. Assess how each of your family members will use the pool in order to gain an understanding of what you need.

Pool Material

Steeped in Style: How to Design a Backyard Pool That is Functionally Stylish Once you have an understanding of pool shape and design, you should be able to more easily determine the pool material. Currently, the most popular pool material in the U.S. is a gunite pool. Gunite pools are constructed from shaped rebar that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. While gunite pools offer the best options for unique pool shapes and design, they do come with a few minor downfalls.

Similar to other concrete pools, gunite pools enable algae growth, due to the porous surface of the concrete; this will result in a need for higher chemical levels in the pool. Additionally, concrete pools need more maintenance than other options. Gunite pools are a little more expensive, but their durability and reputation make the investment worthwhile.

Vinyl-lined pools are the bargain brand in the pool industry. Constructed from a wooden or plastic frame lain with sandbags, the pool is then lined with a thin layer of vinyl, usually only 20-30 mil thick. This type of pool is the cheapest option, but for good reason. While vinyl-pools have a smooth surface that does not foster algae growth, they are prone to developing leaks.

Vinyl pools require a lining replacement every 7-15 years, which will cost you at least a few thousand dollars. If you are looking to get a return on your investment, vinyl lined pools are the least popular choice, as they do not retain their value well.

Fiberglass pools are constructed from reinforced plaster that’s preformed into a basin. Fiberglass pools use similar construction methods to vinyl, where a frame is laid, filled with sand, and the fiberglass basin is secured. Fiberglass pools are popular because the smooth gel surface is non-porous, negating the need for a lot of chemical use and maintenance.

Unfortunately, fiberglass pools do have many drawbacks. Because they are a prefabricated mold, they are less attractive than other options, and limited to a width of 16 feet for traveling to the home site. Additionally, it can be difficult to match repaired areas to the pool’s original color, making it less aesthetically appealing. Fiberglass pools cost more to install initially, but do save you on maintenance costs over the life of the pool.

Pool Amenities

When it comes down to the aesthetic and functional appeal of the pool, there are many options available. Swimmers may enjoy ample room to swim laps or simply have a swim spa with jetted flowing water. Your amount of backyard space may dictate what you can have for exercise requirements.

Fun pool amenities usually include a hot tub, pool slide, or diving board. Many pool installation experts are able to attach a hot tub to the side of the pool, offering easy access and appealing aesthetic design. For added appeal, some contractors will have the hot tub raised slightly above the lip of the pool, with a waterfall flowing into the pool below.

Waterfalls have become an increasingly popular amenity for pools everywhere. With many pool owners wanting their pool to look as natural as possible, having a descending waterfall from a rock ledge can drive that aesthetic home. Additionally, you can landscape these pools, creating a heavily vegetated appearance around the pool. This simulated “natural” pool look is very pleasing for individuals who want the benefits of a pool without the sterile appearance.

Contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa

Ready to create your own backyard oasis? Then Contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa! We have over 16 years of experience, and can help design, install, and maintain your dream gunite pool. Don’t wait until the heat of the summer…call us today!

Backyard Basking: 5 Reasons to Install An In-Ground Pool Today

The average American today has an incredibly busy lifestyle. Enjoying only a few hours at home most days, and most of that spent watching television, many Americans are probably not living the healthiest lifestyle.

So what’s the trick for getting your family outside and becoming more active? For some families, the key is a backyard swimming pool.

Swimming has long been acknowledged as one of the best forms of exercise. It’s low-impact, aerobic, and simultaneously works a large number of muscle groups. Installing a backyard pool can give you access to this perfect and enjoyable form of exercise, any day of the week.

But before you commit to the project, there are a few things you should know about backyard pool installation.


When you contemplate installing a pool, you will first need to look at the design. How much space do you have to devote to a pool? Will you have room to install a locked fence, which is required in some states? How deep should the pool be?

Backyard Basking: 5 Reasons to Install An In-Ground Pool TodayFor some people, a pool large enough for swimming laps is a necessity. They want to have a place where they primarily can get in exercise, and are not interested in the aesthetics of a kidney-bean-shaped pool.

Other folks would prefer a pool that’s simply for soaking and relaxing, so including a waterfall or selecting a unique, aesthetic design is more appealing.

If your space is somewhat limited, you may want to consider doing a pool/spa combo. With this design, your pool may be used for cooling off during the summer and as a warm spa in winter.

Homeowners who have very limited space and do not require a great deal of swimming room will like this. However, this design can be especially pricey when you have to heat a larger body of water than what you’d find in the common hot tub.


Before taking on any large home project, cost must be considered. The average pool installation in the U.S. costs around $22,000. Following your initial installation, you are looking at upwards of $300 to maintain the pool each year. If you choose to hire a pool care company, that number will only increase.

If you assume all your pool costs will be recouped in the resale of your home, think again. Many homeowners find the return on investment for an in-ground pool is less than 50%. This figure will depend on your geographic location and climate, of course, but the ROI for pool installations is not promising if you’re looking for a resale boost.


Construction of an in-ground swimming pool is no simple feat. First, you must consider getting heavy machinery onto your property to dig the pool spot, as well as find ways to haul away the dirt.

In many instances, this construction phase alone can cause significant damage to your property and landscaping that will have to be fixed after the pool is completed. In the next phase, you will be pouring concrete and building retaining walls.
It’s crucial for you to work with a company that carefully calculates the weight and stability of the pool. Some companies may fail to install a retaining wall where one is called for, which could lead to cracks in the pool and eventual wall collapse.

Installing a pool is an incredibly involved job. It requires serious planning and a great deal of research. Your ground stability, slope, and space must be studied fully before you embark on this journey. To make the process easier for yourself, work with a company that has long-term experience in the pool installation business and provides a great deal of information.


Since annual pool maintenance runs upwards of $300, you’ll want to handle this yourself if you possibly can. To start the pool-cleaning process, remove debris from the pool on a regular basis.

Much of the gunk can be drawn out with a netted skimmer, but the heavier debris will sit on the bottom, which will make a pool vacuum necessary. The sides of your pool will also need a good scrubbing to remove algae and other slime that may have accumulated.

A filter should be running in the pool at all times to keep out most of the debris, and the filter will need to be replaced regularly. After you “shock” your pool with chlorine, you’ll need to test the pH levels in the water.

It cannot be too acid or too alkaline, because either can cause damage to your skin, mucus membranes, and pool surfaces.

Personal Health

Backyard Basking: 5 Reasons to Install An In-Ground Pool TodaySwimming is one of the very best forms of exercise by far. It’s low impact, so it allows individuals who have arthritic joints, or those who are pregnant, to experience solid aerobic activity with a minimum of strain.

It can also help to build up your endurance and increase lung function, which is especially beneficial for those who suffer from asthma.

Ties with Family and Friends

One of the most common excuses for the failure to exercise is lack of time. Many people say their time is overly consumed by work and social commitments to fit in exercise. But what if you could garner social benefits while exercising?

A backyard pool is one of the best arenas for spending quality time with your family and friends while working on your personal fitness. Imagine if backyard barbecues were spent exercising as well as consuming food? You would be able to work off the calories while enjoying a fun summer activity with family and friends.

In addition, many young people have become so preoccupied with their digital lives that they can hardly look up from their phone to eat. One place they will definitely not be utilizing their cell phone is in the pool.

Having a pool will allow your friends and family to spend more time outside exercising as well as creating long-lasting bonds.

Contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa

If you decide a backyard pool is just the thing your family needs, why not call in the professionals? With more than 16 years of experience building pools, Gunite Pools of Tulsa has the know-how and background to get your dream design underway. Contact us to get started on your pool project today.


Your Guide to In-Ground Spas

Your Guide to In-Ground SpasGunite Pools of Tulsa is a proud provider of in-ground spas and a wide variety of additional pool items. An in-ground spa is an absolute delight for a homeowner or business. In-ground spas are the desire of many business owners such as motel and hotel owners, fitness centers and the like. Many benefits come along with the in-ground spas. The following is a brief description of the product and some of the benefits that come with having one installed.

What Is an In-Ground Spa?

A spa is similar to a pool, except it allows currents to flow through the water. The water does not remain still as does swimming pool water. An in-ground spa is a spa that the installer installs into the ground rather than above the ground.

What Are the Benefits of an In-Ground Spa?

One of the benefits of an in-ground spa is its attractiveness. Having all the components at floor level from a visual sense give the property the look of neatness. A consumer can also blend an in-ground spa into the theme in the backyard. The installers can use a wide variety of materials to build an in-ground spa, as well. Some of the most common materials that companies use for in-ground spas are vinyl, acrylic, tile and stainless steel.

Finally, another advantage of an in-ground spa is that it offers unlimited design and style options to the consumers. The sky is the limit with potential.

Who Should One Call for an In-Ground Spa Quote?

Gunite Pools in Tulsa is the best company in the area for receiving a quote for in-ground pool and spa installation. Gunite Pools has been in the business for more than 16 years, and its primary focus is on quality. That means that installers are mentally geared to recreate the client’s vision to the best of their ability. Interested persons can contact a specialist by calling the dedicated number or completing an online form. The number to the establishment is 918-732-9485. Someone will call back quickly to discuss the myriad of available options for creating in-ground spas that will cause the neighbors to stare.

What You Need To Know About Installing An In-Ground Pool

What You Need To Know About Installing An In-Ground PoolMany people buy a home that doesn’t come with a pool in the backyard, even though they really want to have one. This is why many people choose to have a pool installed shortly after they buy a home. However, installing a pool is not something that is done quickly and easily. The pool installation process is something that takes a bit of time to complete, in addition to waiting for permits and factoring in any weather delays.

The First Steps

The first thing a homeowner will need to do is ensure that they are allowed to install a pool on their property. This can be done by getting in touch with your city’s permitting division. They will likely want to inspect your home and ensure the process can be completed without any problems, which can take some time. Also, a permit itself may cost anywhere from $100-$1000, sometimes more.

After you get the necessary permits to begin a pool installation, you must get in touch with a company that installs pools professionally. They will be able to help you get connected with everybody that needs to be involved in the process. It normally takes more than one contracting company to complete an installation job, but a good pool installer will have recommendations for you. An excavator will need to be used to dig out a hole for the pool, but this process will only take a day or two.

After Your Yard Is Prepped

Once the permits are secured and the hole is dug, an installation company will be able to begin working. The time frame of this process depends on whether you are having a fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete pool installed. Concrete will take the longest to install, but it’s sturdy and will last for a long time. It’s also much harder to damage. A plumbing system will need to go under the pool before the liners are poured or placed inside the hole so a pump will work efficiently. The actual installation process can take anywhere from one to three weeks, depending on the type of pool liner being used.

Important Things To Remember

  • Installing a pool will not drastically increase the value of your home.
  • Heaters are going to increase your utility bill drastically.
  • Fences may need to be installed around the pool for safety reasons, but this will be elaborated on when trying to get a permit.
  • Pools require a lot of maintenance; don’t have one installed if you aren’t going to properly care for it.

If you are thinking about having an in ground pool installed in Tulsa, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa. We can help you with every step of the process, including locating contractors and calculating the overall price. The installation process may seem extensive, but the rewards of having a pool are well worth it.

Four Reasons You Need a Pool This Summer

Four Reasons You Need a Pool This SummerSummer is upon us and the temperatures are rising quickly. Are you considering purchasing the pool Tulsa residents recommend–a Gunite pool? If not, you should be. Owning a pool offers several benefits that are well worth taking advantage of. Here are four benefits owning a pool can offer you.

1. Gunite Pools Provide a Great Way to Beat the Summer Heat

Tulsa gets hot in the summer–will you be ready? Why spend all summer cooped up indoors in the air conditioning when you could be outside, relaxing and enjoying the summer from the side of a pool? Nothing beats diving headfirst in the deep end when the temperatures are soaring.

2. Getting In Shape Has Never Been Easier

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions this year to get in shape? With a pool, you can actually enjoy getting fit. Having a pool right outside your backdoor is a fantastic way to encourage yourself and your family to get off the couch and get moving.

3. Gunite Pools Encourage Social Interaction

Between work, extracurricular activities and family obligations, making time for friends and family often gets placed on the back burner. It’s not that you don’t want to be social; you just never seem to find a good enough reason to. With a pool, you have a great reason. You’ll love catching up with friends and family.

4. Swimming is Good for Your Mental Health

Have the long winter months left you in a bit of funk? Buying a pool is a great way to change that! Not only will you benefit from relaxing in the calm water at the end of a long day, but you’ll also benefit from the extra sunshine and slower pace of living that are sure to result as well.

If you’ve been thinking about owning a pool, now is the perfect time to check out the pool Tulsa residents recommend. Visit Gunite pools and make the most of your summer, starting today. Call us today!

Top Benefits of an In-Ground Pool

Advantages of In-Ground PoolsSwimming pools are amenities that many homeowners prefer when given the option. However, swimming pools have come a long way and you might be surprised at just how beneficial they can be. What better way to spend the summer than having friends and family over for a refreshing swim and finger foods on a hot summer day? If you’re considering getting an in-ground pool for your own home then you should take these advantages into account.

Entertainment – Whether you have kids or enjoy entertaining guests, what better way than with a pool? It easily becomes the center piece for weekend get-togethers and a private sanctuary at night for a date with that special someone.

Convenient – Having your own swimming pool is way more convenient than packing and loading up to go somewhere to swim; especially if you do it on a daily or weekly basis. Forget packing a bunch of bags, coolers and other accessories; simply step outside with a towel and dive into your own sparkling oasis any time you like.

Durable – In-ground pools are more durable and require less maintenance than above-ground pools.

Appealing – In-ground pools are also more aesthetically pleasing than above-ground pools. Take advantage of this by complimenting your pool with the landscaping you desire. Create the perfect environment, be it a tropical paradise or secluded forest pond; the possibilities are endless.

More Options – In-ground pools, you will find, have many more options to choose from than above-ground pools, including the depth, shape and different accents. Depending on what you choose, you might be able to add a diving board, slide or even a waterfall, making your outdoor oasis the envy of your entire neighborhood.

For more information on In-Ground pools and the many fantastic options, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa. We can help you build the pool of your dreams.

Five Design Elements for Creating your Dream In-ground Pool

In-ground pool in Tulsa that features a beach entry.

If you’re dreaming of a lagoon style pool, rather than a traditional pool, you aren’t alone. Lagoon style pools make attractive additions to any Tulsa home and provide an easier way for the homeowner to ‘personalize’ their outdoor oasis. There are a variety of design elements to consider when creating the ideal lagoon style in-ground pool.

The Shape

Traditional in-ground pools are often circular or rectangular. Lagoon style pools can change the way you see in-ground pools. They have dramatic curves throughout its shape, hence the title ‘lagoon or Laguna’ style pool. When finished with your in-ground pool it should mimic that of a lagoon you might see on an island.

The Features

Because you want your Tulsa in-ground pool to have a natural feel and appearance, rock features work as great attractive additions. You might have grottos and rock walls constructed along one side or scattered along the edges of the wall. In addition, natural palms and ferns are a favorite for consumers because they stay within the ‘natural’ feel of their oasis and they’re appealing; especially when used with the rock features.

A Waterfall

What better way to complete your dream Tulsa in-ground pool than adding a waterfall? Waterfalls are a beautiful part of nature and can be built in a variety of ways, to suit your personal preferences. Rocks, grottos and more materials are options for lagoon pool waterfalls. You’ll feel as though you’re living the most luxurious life when relaxing in your lagoon style pool with a waterfall in the backdrop and natural elements all around.

The Color

The color of your in-ground pool will affect the way the water looks in natural light. The pool’s ambiance will change as the color you use changes. However, if you want to achieve a more ‘natural’ appearance consider dark greens and blues. Or, if you prefer the lighter side of pools, choose a lighter shade.

Pool Entry

You’ve likely noticed most in-ground pools have steps that lead into the water, or they only have ladders as a means of entering or exiting. What if you could walk into your pool like you would the ocean? This is a ‘beach’ entry. Instead of stairs you have a natural slope on end of the pool so it seems as though you’re walking into a massive body of water; instead of stepping into a swimming pool. In addition, a beach entry works great for those with limited mobility or who enjoy tanning in the natural sun, comfortably.

Your Tulsa In-Ground Pool Specialists

Whatever dream you have for your Tulsa home’s in-ground pool, our experienced specialists at Gunite Pools of Tulsa are ready to make that dream a reality. Call us today for your free consultation.


4 Tips in Designing Your New Pool

Gunite-Pool-Design-Tulsa-OKA house in the Tulsa area that has a swimming pool adds value and aesthetic feelings. Design and material is an essential element to any structure, and a bit more interesting when it is designing a pool for a client’s needs and tastes. Align a pool to building a home which requires engineering expertise as well as functionality, safety with aesthetic appeal resulting in a delicate balancing act of science and art form. Our clients can have any type of pool they envision within their budget, our team of experts function is to make this happen. At Gunite Pools of Tulsa we take standard approaches in the planning stages of design to ensure we capture your wishes.

We take a look at the “Lay of Land” as our first step before addressing your new pool shape. There may certain property restrictions that could hinder your project because every municipality has some form of restriction. These can include setbacks from natural wells, septic systems, setback lines, coverage and environmental issues. When this stage is done we map out the pertinent restrictions on your property and see how these considerations can be met. With all restrictions and resolutions planned out and the usable area of property identified for your swimming pool we then move our focus to that particular space.

The next approach to our design process is uncovering what goal(s) you are looking to achieve you’re your pool. We are able to start forming a design once we understand your intention/goals your pool will serve. To accomplish this we ask you pointed questions such as the following:

  • Are you wanting to keep kids at home more by creating a pool?
  • Do you see your pool as a way to escape daily work or other stress?
  • Is your pool going to be for family fun and entertainment or more as an eye-catching piece of art?
  • Do you intend to use your pool as a form of fitness or exercise?
  • Do you want to be able to swim laps in particular?
  • Why do you want a pool?

With the data we attain we are able to begin narrowing down or start the shaping phase of your vision. Your vision becomes your visual expectation that we need to understand for the bet results. We begin to determine what shape/style can accommodate the reasons why you want a swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, consideration in every aspect needs to be given regarding your existing property lay out, landscape, and architectural elements and municipality restrictions. Using a combination of all the data we have gathered we advise our clients to let their creativity run without over-doing it. Create a well-designed component in the designated space integrating all elements with simplicity. Logic, functionality and integration of your property and home using the pool need to be heeded as well. Consider line defining shapes if your house size dominates most of the property area. Consider a free form shape if you have enough land, rocks and hillside to create a waterfall or overflow effect. Integrating existing structures, plants and your lifestyle creates its’ own ambiance around your swimming pool.

The last phase of our design strategy is getting to know what you want on the interior of your pool, just as you would in decorating your home’s interior. Thanks to modern technology options in lighting, texture, structure, accompanying equipment and mechanics are endless. To narrow this down we will probe your thoughts, wishes and envision when using your pool. This brings us back to more inquiring questions such as the following:

  • Entry point to pool – beach entry or extended sun shelf which will depend on use by young children so they would have shallow end space for safe water play.
  • Entertainment poolside – customized LED lighting will add that wow effect to your pool at night.
  • Enormous periods of time in water by family for fun – Eco friendly sanitizing systems and salt generators are good features to have for more comfortable swimming.

Using all information provided by our clients and data gathered our design consultants will seek your input on any other special features you may want us to integrate in. This involves looking over the surrounding space around your pool. To finalize the entire design more questions will be asked of you so we are sure to capture all facets of your vision. Some questions that will help us determine this may be as follows:

  • Do you want a deck space for sunbathing or lounging around the pool?
  • If you want a deck space, does it affect the way you utilize it currently and will that create another land space issue?
  • Will retaining walls or stone walk ways be required to accommodate your complete design?
  • Many of our customers are installing outdoor dining areas and putting in barbecues, fireplaces, and bars for having guests over and late-season use.
  • Have you considered space for a fire pit, grill, outdoor kitchen, service bar, outdoor shower or other amenity you may want now or to add later?

We always suggest that clients also clip out pictures of design concepts they like as well as think about the data we will ask you for. This will enhance or efforts in creating an exclusively focused design for your swimming pool. The more data the better, as it will remove the guesswork in delivering a product with exceptional satisfaction.

For a free pool consultation and quote, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa, and let us show you the new standard of Tulsa pools!