4 Tips in Designing Your New Pool

Gunite-Pool-Design-Tulsa-OKA house in the Tulsa area that has a swimming pool adds value and aesthetic feelings. Design and material is an essential element to any structure, and a bit more interesting when it is designing a pool for a client’s needs and tastes. Align a pool to building a home which requires engineering expertise as well as functionality, safety with aesthetic appeal resulting in a delicate balancing act of science and art form. Our clients can have any type of pool they envision within their budget, our team of experts function is to make this happen. At Gunite Pools of Tulsa we take standard approaches in the planning stages of design to ensure we capture your wishes.

We take a look at the “Lay of Land” as our first step before addressing your new pool shape. There may certain property restrictions that could hinder your project because every municipality has some form of restriction. These can include setbacks from natural wells, septic systems, setback lines, coverage and environmental issues. When this stage is done we map out the pertinent restrictions on your property and see how these considerations can be met. With all restrictions and resolutions planned out and the usable area of property identified for your swimming pool we then move our focus to that particular space.

The next approach to our design process is uncovering what goal(s) you are looking to achieve you’re your pool. We are able to start forming a design once we understand your intention/goals your pool will serve. To accomplish this we ask you pointed questions such as the following:

  • Are you wanting to keep kids at home more by creating a pool?
  • Do you see your pool as a way to escape daily work or other stress?
  • Is your pool going to be for family fun and entertainment or more as an eye-catching piece of art?
  • Do you intend to use your pool as a form of fitness or exercise?
  • Do you want to be able to swim laps in particular?
  • Why do you want a pool?

With the data we attain we are able to begin narrowing down or start the shaping phase of your vision. Your vision becomes your visual expectation that we need to understand for the bet results. We begin to determine what shape/style can accommodate the reasons why you want a swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, consideration in every aspect needs to be given regarding your existing property lay out, landscape, and architectural elements and municipality restrictions. Using a combination of all the data we have gathered we advise our clients to let their creativity run without over-doing it. Create a well-designed component in the designated space integrating all elements with simplicity. Logic, functionality and integration of your property and home using the pool need to be heeded as well. Consider line defining shapes if your house size dominates most of the property area. Consider a free form shape if you have enough land, rocks and hillside to create a waterfall or overflow effect. Integrating existing structures, plants and your lifestyle creates its’ own ambiance around your swimming pool.

The last phase of our design strategy is getting to know what you want on the interior of your pool, just as you would in decorating your home’s interior. Thanks to modern technology options in lighting, texture, structure, accompanying equipment and mechanics are endless. To narrow this down we will probe your thoughts, wishes and envision when using your pool. This brings us back to more inquiring questions such as the following:

  • Entry point to pool – beach entry or extended sun shelf which will depend on use by young children so they would have shallow end space for safe water play.
  • Entertainment poolside – customized LED lighting will add that wow effect to your pool at night.
  • Enormous periods of time in water by family for fun – Eco friendly sanitizing systems and salt generators are good features to have for more comfortable swimming.

Using all information provided by our clients and data gathered our design consultants will seek your input on any other special features you may want us to integrate in. This involves looking over the surrounding space around your pool. To finalize the entire design more questions will be asked of you so we are sure to capture all facets of your vision. Some questions that will help us determine this may be as follows:

  • Do you want a deck space for sunbathing or lounging around the pool?
  • If you want a deck space, does it affect the way you utilize it currently and will that create another land space issue?
  • Will retaining walls or stone walk ways be required to accommodate your complete design?
  • Many of our customers are installing outdoor dining areas and putting in barbecues, fireplaces, and bars for having guests over and late-season use.
  • Have you considered space for a fire pit, grill, outdoor kitchen, service bar, outdoor shower or other amenity you may want now or to add later?

We always suggest that clients also clip out pictures of design concepts they like as well as think about the data we will ask you for. This will enhance or efforts in creating an exclusively focused design for your swimming pool. The more data the better, as it will remove the guesswork in delivering a product with exceptional satisfaction.

For a free pool consultation and quote, contact Gunite Pools of Tulsa, and let us show you the new standard of Tulsa pools!